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Getting Started with A Domestic Adoption

There is a baby out there for you!

One out of every six couples in America is unable to conceive a child after trying for a year. Some will go on to have a biological child, others will not. And each year some 60,000 couples from all walks of life will adopt because they share a belief that their lives will not be complete without a child.

Adoption, like pregnancy or infertility treatments, comes with its own journey, its own time frame, and its own price tag. Couples often find themselves overwhelmed with information and questions as they begin to research adoption, especially as they learn just how many different options are available to them.

The good news is that you can adopt, safely and successfully...
You can find the baby you've been dreaming of...

In the United States, couples should able to complete an adoption in under two years, however many fall prey to the common scams and pitfalls that slow the adoption process or even put their adoption in legal jeopardy. Just as with any new endeavor, it is vital that you learn the basics before you spend valuable time and hard-earned money toward your adoption.

There is nothing more vital to your adoption than taking the opportunity to learn all you can about the process, the personnel, and the pitfalls in adoption. With knowledge, you will be able to complete your family safely and successfully, while saving time and money.

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